The Rides

The Coon Fork 40 features a deeply wooded signature ride of ~45 miles with 1,600 feet of elevation. Depending on the final route and which one you pick, you’ll see a mix of classic Amish farms, waterways both big and small, and plenty of towering Wisconsin pines. On everything from full-width gravel roads to narrow hidden paths (including a couple ATV trail segments), you’ll ride every color and type of gravel Wisconsin has to offer.

Roll on fast and hard-packed “hero” gravel, a bit of looser rocky gravel, and even a few patches of sand that might require a brief dismount or two - all in the name of adventure.

Want something longer or shorter? We’ve got it. How about 28 miles and a comfy 1,000 feet of elevation? Or maybe go all the way to 88 miles with 3,000 feet. There’s something for everyone, and all rides feature 85% or more gravel riding with a few paved connectors. And of course, all rides feature the Halfway Hang stop at roughly the mid-way point at Rock Dam Lake with free snacks, music, the beach, changing rooms, and more.

Not sure what bike to ride? Anything is fair game — a gravel bike, mountain bike, fat bike, or a road bike with beefier tires (38mm minimum) would all do the trick. Of course those short sandy patches will go better with bigger tires.

What else do you need? We’d recommend lights for other traffic if you’ve got them, a spare tube and tools just in case, bug spray and sunscreen, and of course plenty of water and snacks. And a swim suit if you want!

Support your own ride. While we’ll have snacks, water, supplies and restrooms for you at the Halfway Hang, you are responsible for yourself throughout the route in between. We’ll have routes and cue sheets to download or print before the event (Ride with GPS), as well as directional signage at key turns. But you are responsible to know your way. Be aware that cell phone service in this region can be spotty.

Approx 29 miles / 1,200 feet
with Rock Dam Halfway Hang at mile 19

Approx 45 Miles / 1,700 feet
with Rock Dam Halfway Hang at mile 25

Approx 88 Miles / 3,000 feet
with Rock Dam Halfway Hang at mile 50


This is an open course. You are responsible for your navigation, safety, and location at all times. These routes use gravel and paved roads, as well as sections of public UTV trails. It’s all very remote and you may not see much for traffic, but still be vigilant at all times for unexpected vehicles.

DOWNLOAD ROUTES: The links below allow you to download/export the route files, print the routes and cue sheets, and generally become familiar with the route.

DIRECTIONAL SIGNS: We will be placing directional signs for each route at key locations the day before the event, but cannot guarantee whether or not those signs will be tampered with.

BAD SIGNALS: Remember that cell phone and internet service in this region is VERY unreliable. Be prepared.

2 Ways to Navigate

Option 1:

Download the GPX file and navigate using your own device or app.

  1. Click the route you’ll be riding
  2. Click the 3 dots and “Export” for use in your GPS or app of choice.

Option 2:

Use the FREE Ride With GPS App

  1. Download the Ride With GPS app on the App Store or Google Play and set up an account.
  2. Join the Coon Fork 40 Event using this link. You now have free navigational access to all Coon Fork 40 routes.
  3. Tap the route you’ll be riding
  4. Tap “Save” from the bottom of the screen then tap “Download for Offline” to ensure you can use the route even when you don’t have cell service. If you don’t download for offline use, you will not be able to use the app when you lose cell service.
  5. To start navigating the route, tap “Navigate”.
  6. Turn up your phone’s volume to hear voice cues.
  7. To find your Saved routes after leaving the Coon Fork 40 Event page, go to the Ride With GPS app and tap “Library” at the bottom of the page and the “Offline” at the top of the page.
  8. To access all Coon Fork 40 routes, tap the blue Event icon on the Ride With GPS home screen in the app.



Each length route will roll out in an exciting mass group start from the hidden waterfall bridge just north of the Coon Fork Lake Park Beach, outside Augusta, WI. Find your pace and enjoy the wooded rural surroundings.


Wooden 1st place and runner-up medallions will be awarded in multiple categories for each route. Awards will be given out at the after party at 2:00pm.


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