The Chippewa Valley is the fastest growing community in Wisconsin. Bring friends or family and make a weekend out of your event by either camping at one of the nearby grounds, or by exploring the Eau Claire community via a local hotel.


Coon Fork Lake County Park Campground

This is the fantastic and full-featured campground just across the small lake from the event site.

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Rock Dam Park & Campground

A full featured campground at the Halfway Hang location in Clark County, 10 miles from the starting line.

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Wild Rock County Park & Campground

A full featured Clark County campground, 15 miles from the starting line.

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Little Creek Family Campground

A privately operated campground near Fairchild, 9 miles from the starting line.

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Black Creek Lodge Campground

A privately owned campground 6 miles from the starting line.

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The Coon Fork 40 takes place in the small town of Augusta, WI, outside of the city of Eau Claire which is the cultural hub of the region and the fastest growing destination in the state.

While Eau Claire is more than 30 miles from the starting line, it offers a robust number of great hotels, city bike trails, multiple single track parks, restaurants, shopping, rivers and lakes, and much more.

Visit — the Chippewa Valley’s culture and entertainment publication — for the latest happenings and events. Check out for more visitor information. And check out the Think Eau Claire relocation guide to dig deeper.

Eau Claire Hotels:

For a prime downtown Eau Claire experience, we also recommend:

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